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Through years of experience consulting for organizations, we found that the approach of traditional training method and solutions failed to reflect the real-world environment that cybersecurity practitioners will soon be asked to defend.

No amount of technology is a replacement for capable people.

Despite millions of money spent on acquiring and deploying new cybersecurity tools, undertrained team is not able to utilize the multi-million dollar tools to its fullest potential.

Security is the result of a successful team work

With so much being invested in security infrastructure, team-based training is the key to cybersecurity team’s success and their ability to maximize the return on investment (ROI).

Another challenge being individual team members that has taken up training will still be ineffective, when they are unable to implement the knowledge and skills that they have acquired to their organization's structure of workflow and framework.

As a solution to address these challenges, the training program by RPMY is integrated with orchestration consultation. This ensures the application of skills and best practices acquired by the members of your organization from their training, can be integrated and applied to your organization’s existing structure.


In the event when (not if) cyber security incidents happen, it is not a drill. The damages is real. This is the reason we designed our training courses to handle real-life cyber incidents. The course is led by seasoned practicing industry professionals specifically for a team of full-time working professionals.

Participants will be train to coordinate as a team to deploy effective cyber defense operation in actual working environment and create a competitive advantage for their organisation. Participants will have access to the latest field-tested key tools, principles and frameworks.

With our integrated orchestration, our hands-on and interactive training modules will help busy professionals learn and efficiently implement their acquired knowledge into their organization.


Design. Lead. Empower. Validate.

This holistic training workshop is designed to set and prepare your Security Operation Center (SOC) as a whole. The course is fast paced and highly intensive, teaching participants an in-depth methodology and approach to orchestrating top-level cybersecurity practices. We not only show programme participants on-the-field framework to organize advanced cyber defense tactics, techniques and procedures but further cover how to focus on assessing operational security and risk.

This course will prepare your organization to:

• Streamline your cybersecurity operation process
• Responding to cybersecurity threat
• Increase incident response efficiency
• Automate threat hunting
• Automate Vulnerable asset

Enable. Empower. Validate.

Our SOC Outline course aims to train your organization toward having a deep understanding of layered cybersecurity framework. This intensive course is designed for security leaders and team members how to effectively deploy technologies and understanding their team’s operational and skills gaps to craft remedial training plans.

This course will prepare you organization to:

• Outline your security operation strategy
• Outline your SOC to meet your business goal
• Outlining your SOC environment toward next-gen SOC
• Outlining end-to-end use cases

Attack. Detect. Respond. Validate.

This Course Will Prepare You To: Our Red Team Training course aims to train an already inquisitive mind on how to operate and simulate real-world threat actors. The course is fast paced and highly intensive, teaching participants an in-depth methodology and approach while operating as a professional Red Teamer. We not only show programme participants how to perform advanced red team tactics, techniques and procedures but further cover how to run a successful end-to-end engagement with a focus on operational security and risk.

This course will prepare your security team to:

• Build a Red Team program.
• Leverage Red Team exercises and adversary emulation to obtain a holistic view of an organization's security posture.
• Measure, train, and improve people, processes and technology for your organization.

Defend. Evaluate. Iterate. Validate.

Our Blue Team Training course aims to provide participants with technical knowledge and key concepts essential for security operation center (SOC) analysts. By providing a detailed explanation of the mission and mindset of a modern cyber defense operation, this course will empower those on their way to becoming the next generation of blue team members.

This course will prepare your security team to:

• Test, measure, and improve people, process, and technology.
• See how an attack looks like on your organization’s network to understand the risk before incurring the damage or costs of an actual breach.
• Train your team to attack, detect, and respond.
• Test deployment effectiveness of various security tools e.g. Next-Gen Antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), XDR, etc.
• Ensure your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) or Managed Detection and Response (MDR) are detecting and responding to known adversary behavior

Emulate. Collaborate. Identify. Validate

Designed for working information security professionals, the Purple Team Operations is a highly technical program focused on merging the applied concepts, skills, and technologies used by Blue Teams (digital defenders) and Red Teams (digital attackers) — so you can effectively operate and lead at the intersection of those domains, in the current best practice known as purple operations or purple teams.

This course will prepare your security team for:

• Threat hunting exercise and methodology
• Threat hunting steps.
• Threat hunting maturity models.
• Threat hunting automation & mapping cyber-attacks.
• Automation in threat hunting.
In the age when cyber attacks is inevitable, the deciding factors that can make or break your organization is in how you respond to incidents when it happen. This is the new age of 4th generation cyber security.

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