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Challenges that you face is unique to your organization. This is why the best solutions for your organization’s need to be tailored to fit your business goals, framework, structure, process and workflow. When the solutions is tailored to your specific goals, your organization will know why each solutions is put in place and relevant to your situation and your business goals.


The development surrounding cyber safety has gotten increasingly complex, vast and moving at a rapid pace. There won’t be enough time and resources to keep up with everything.

With this in mind is why we recommend knowing what is of concern to your organization’s structure. Collaborate with us to identify what is specifically needed by your organisation, and which up-to-date topics from the latest cyber security threats and trends your organisation should focus on.


The Great Resignation poses a challenge for companies to fill an unusually large number of open positions, a challenge further complicated by a very tight labor market.

  • Most security analysts leave a company in just over two years and it can take over six months to replace them.

  • Finding cybersecurity talent with the right expertise at exactly the right time is improbable.

  • Even after costly university or third-party training, new hires still face a steep, on-the-job learning curve.

  • A haphazard approach to onboarding can leave new employees feeling lost and unappreciated.

  • Employers that are fortunate enough to find the right candidates must do everything they can to create a positive employee experience from the very beginning.

  • Our onboarding training program seek to enable your new hires to be up to speed at performing their work according to your organization’s requirement. Below are the phases that is included in our onboarding program, all subjected to customization of course.
    Introducing new hires to the organization, job tasks, technologies, policies and operations procedures.
    Facilitating new hires with further exposure to organization’s operation procedures and performing initial tasks.
    Introducing new hires to more complex tasks and coordinating senior hires to collaborate with the new hire.
    Introducing new hires to the daily operations schedule and learn the daily routines of a SOC analyst.
    Skills and orientation observation testing, which would consist of scenarios that support assessing how much the analyst has learned.

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