My name is Razwan Mokhtar, people called me Wann Senn because I grew up in Sentul.

I am a system engineer, most of the time I spend my time infront of computer figuring and integrating things around it. I work remotely from home as Overseas System Engineer for iDatamap Corperation from Australia. I have 16 years of working experience in technology and I love it,

…and another interesting story

I got involved with alot of social activity around me too. My team and I created social community project called Kiara Life Skateboarding & I have my own skateboarding company called CONTINUITY SKATEBOARDS too. The mission behind these activity and business are to encourage teenagers of Malaysia to be more active in sports and social activity with engagement of government, businesses and international.

Oh, I used to travel with a friend by land from boarder of Vietnam-China to Kuala Lumpur. It took us a month to finish it. Next – I would like to travel the world soon. You can find me on Couch Surfing as well as part of my social community activity.

…and my other fun experiences

I used to run coffeee shop in my neighbourhood Taman Tun Dr Ismail (2012 – 2015). The businesses called Morning at Mukha and BNGKL. It was an amazing experience. Eventho I am not longer in the business right now – I found it as a success story of my life. Thank you everyone to be part of it. I will be back for more interesting developement and project!!